Mountain Breeze Lodge and Resort
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Mountain Breeze Lodge and Resort aims to take you back to nature for you to enjoy quality time in the heart of one of Jordan’s unique areas of outstanding natural beauty. Nestled in the beautiful Gilead Mountains near Zai, The Mountain Breeze Resort offers the perfect retreat for anyone wishing to experience unspoiled nature. Our resort features quality lodging, dining and an ever expanding list of outdoor activities ,which are available for visitors and overnight guests alike.

The green forest surroundings and gardens make for an enjoyable and relaxing visit while our wooden mountain lodges are unique in Jordan. The resort is enhanced by numerous activities and our restaurant, which features wholesome food and terraces with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Within our grounds is Jordan’s first and only woodland paintball field- The Jordan Paintball Club. Paintball is an exciting team building sport, based on strategy and tactics which we introduced to Jordan in 2002. Additional activities include camping, archery, hiking, and several outdoor areas dedicated to sports and children’s activities.

Our resort is also a firm favourite for events, corporate groups and company outings. No matter what activity you choose, a great day out will always await you here!

We strongly believe in conservation and have started a reforestation program in 2001. To date, over 5200 wild trees have been planted at Mountain Breeze, so if you have not been here for a while, you’ll be amazed at how green the place has become. Several types of endangered wild flowers and plants thrive within our property, and some of Jordan’s rarest small animals also call Mountain Breeze their home!